Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Reportedly Being Developed By Aspyr


Fans hoping that recent rumors of a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake being in development are true have received the biggest hint yet that such a project is actually going ahead.

In a thread posted on ResetEra yesterday, user Raigor pointed out that Aspyr Media, known for its work on various ports and licensed products – including Star Wars – had been acquired by Embracer Group. In light of this, the former confirmed that it’s currently working on a AAA title budgeted at a whopping $70 million and one that’s “expected to become important” for the entire company. While this doesn’t necessarily suggest any overt connections to Disney’s IP, many have pointed out that Aspyr is currently scouting talent for the unannounced title and already hired several former staff members of BioWare, specifically those who worked on the original KotOR.

Further adding fuel to the fire, responses from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier – who’s teased various details about the remake previously – heavily imply Raigor to be barking up the right tree, so to speak.

An intriguing development, no doubt, and while nothing is official at this early stage, the Exile and Darth Revan’s return are looking increasingly likely and not just in remastered form, either. $70 million is far too much money to invest (or even required) for a remaster, and open positions posted on Aspyr’s recruitment page – writers, combat and cinematic directors, etc. – wouldn’t be necessary for a ‘simple’ modernization.

Folks interested in further reading concerning Embracer Group’s latest acquisition can do so by hitting the link below or, if you’d rather, let us know what your personal wish list for a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake looks like in the usual place!