Starhawk Dev Teases Surprising Free DLC

Although Starhawk‘s closed beta ended last week, and the release date for the game or even the public beta is up in the air, that can’t keep developers from creating more excitement by being ultra-cryptic!

In an interview with RespawnAction, senior producer Harvard Bonin stresses the importance of a beta for an online-heavy game like Starhawk, in addition to being as vague as ever when asked about when the open beta will be available to the public, saying only that it will come “when it’s damn good and ready.”

The interview is an interesting read, but there’s one excerpt that caught my eye most. When asked about post-launch DLC support, Bonin says only:

 I can’t go into specifics, but we do have a bunch of free DLC planned…and it might be surprising. We, of course, have stuff we are happy to take your money for, too! We rethought our DLC strategy and we’ll reveal more about it as we get closer to release.

FREE DLC you say, Mr. Bonin? That’s quite a good thing to hear. Hopefully it’s slightly more than paint jobs for the vehicles or a special shirt for your characters.

Bonin also teases that info on the public beta will be coming “very soon.” We’ll be sure to let all you guys know as soon as we hear anything.

What say you, gamers? Any special DLC on your wishlist? I’m hoping for a Starscream skin for the Hawks. It won’t happen, but man wouldn’t that be cool?!

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