Starhawk Developer Diary: “Creating A New Universe”

Courtesy of the Playstation Blog we have a behind the scene’s-esque developer interview video from LightBox Interactive. It talks about the storyline behind the new setting and the driving factors within the Starhawk narrative. It’s interesting to see just how invested in the atmosphere and intelligence of the fictional universe the Sony team are when we consider that Warhawk (their previous game) was a multiplayer only experience.

LightBox are working alongside Santa Monica and from what we’ve managed to see so far of the game, it’s finding its feet on very solid ground. And like the developers are saying, they clearly want to find some new space in the overcrowded dried up game genres and I applaud them for that. Let’s just hope they pull it off because recently it feels like developers are being kept in a box with very little sunlight or creativity.

The beginning of something rather exciting? Only for PS3 owners though, again.

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