New Starhawk Gameplay Footage

Sony announced this fully fledged sequel to one of PSN’s oldest and most understated games only earlier this month, and now suddenly we have over 11 minutes of very impressive gameplay to feast on. And ‘feast’ is definitely an appropriate metaphor. Starhawk is set to feature a full single player campaign as well as a natural successor to Warhawk’s signature cocktail of multiplayer massive-ness.

LightBox Interactive is developing Starhawk in partnership with the Sony owned Santa Monica studio and it is already looking surprisingly fantastic. The general tone of the game and the feel of the setting are oddly compelling even from just observing a few minutes of gameplay. Despite the cheesey, slightly cringe worthy title, Starhawk is looking promising and on top form already.

One of the interesting features that stands out here is the players ability to call in drop pods of some description, both offensive and defensive, to any point on one of its gigantic maps, from vessels in the sky. This effectively allows players to manipulate the battlefield in strategically important ways by allowing them to build all sorts of structures across the expansive landscapes, all while running about shooting meaty sounding weapons. Think Starcraft meets Red Faction…meets Transformers. You’ll see what I mean. Hopefully we’ll have more details for you soon.