Start Your Speculation: New Rumor Regarding A Dark Souls PC Port

It’s no secret around the We Got This Covered underground bunker that we have some huge fans of Dark Souls. The title has sucked more life out of me than anything else in recent memory, and has been the root cause of at least three noise complaints. My only complaint about the game is that I can’t share it with my PC brethren.

Well, Namco Bandai has opened the doors for speculation, and since this is the internet after all, we’re going to run with this wild speculation making as much noise as humanly possible. At least until someone shows me another picture of a cat (he really loves those cheeseburgers).

On the official Namco Bandai forums, administrator Shoupinou may have started something he regrets with one simple post. After one moderator confirmed there won’t be a PC version, Shoupinou stated:

Now to make things happen, let’s say the demand has to be properly done. Someone (sic) to make a successful petition?

Of course this sent the internet into a tizzy, and has quickly made its rounds. A petition has been started and, at the time of this writing, is at 16,000 signatures. This has led to Namco releasing an official statement that this is a rumor and nothing more, but they did not explicitly state that they wouldn’t be interested.

If you’re interested, you’ll find the petition here, and I encourage you to sign it. I would be more than happy to pay full price for this game in order to sneak through the Tomb of Giants again, and it seems I’m not alone.

I do find it odd that Namco Bandai would wonder about the interest of the PC crowd, when they’ve shown repeatedly that they’re interested in the tougher than nails variety of games. On top of that, with Valve’s recent successes including five million accounts on at one time, it’s impossible for me to believe that there isn’t a market for the port.

So, Namco Bandai, I come to you with my hat in my hands. Please make this a reality. There’s a plethora of potential customers waiting for the opportunity to hand you their credit card numbers in exchange for a brutal beating in Blightown. Please don’t make them cry.

As for you, our faithful readers: let the wild speculation begin.