State Of Decay Will Test Your Zombie Survival Plans This Week

State of Decay Launch

If you have been craving another dose of the undead, then look no further than the zombie survival title State of Decay, which is set for an official release on Xbox Live on June 5th for 1600 MS Points.

State of Decay is attempting to bring fans of the living dead a game which exemplifies what it takes to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Blasting your way through hordes of the undead won’t suffice. Now, players will be tasked with establishing and upgrading a base of operations, scavenging the world for supplies and recruiting new survivors. Ensuring that your base has a thriving population is key because permadeath will force you to assume control of another survivor that might not be as experienced as the character you just spent ten hours with leveling up.

Undead Labs has been hard at work for over four years nurturing State of Decay to ensure that they deliver fans the survival experience they have been craving. Sure, it would be easy to view the title as another cash-in on the zombie phenomenon infecting pop culture. Yet, the hard work that Undead Labs has invested into developing the title seems to reflect a passion and dedication that is sure to bring hordes of fans shuffling when the game releases tomorrow.

What do you think about another zombie game making its way into the gaming marketplace? Will you be picking up State of Decay tomorrow or has your lust for zombie apocalypse situations died off? Be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments below.