State Of Decay Feeds On Your Gamer Flesh This June


A recent news post on the official Undead Labs website reveals a single word fans have been eagerly anticipating, “June.” This means that State of Decay will be seeing an official release this summer. It seems likely that the downloadable title will be part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade event due to the team’s close involvement with Microsoft during development, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

In addition, fans are given a tasty morsel of brand new gameplay to celebrate the announcement. The footage emphasizes that State of Decay is truly unique when compared to other zombie games by distinguishing itself through an experience that focuses on long-term survival, rather than simply surviving the night. Players that decide to take their own apocalyptic survival journey will be forced to build relationships with survivors scattered throughout the world. State of Decay is about venturing into the world, learning the skills to survive and scavenge, and building a home community that thrives in a world overrun by the undead.

What’s most intriguing about the infected world of State of Decay is that it may be a mere stepping stone toward something much greater. Undead Labs has continually expressed interest in developing a full fledged zombie-MMO, Class 4. This means that there may soon be a competitor for The War Z and Day Z . Undead Labs’ latest experiment with the walking dead is already a step ahead by simply having a title that excludes the need for the letter “z” and it brings a tear to my eye.

Be sure to look out for State of Decay on XBLA and PC this June. Fans should expect an official release date announcement within the coming weeks so check back soon. For now, leave us your thoughts on the arrival of another zombie title in the comments below.

Source: Undead Labs

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