State Of Decay Title Update 5 Gets Rucks In Trucks


Undead Labs is still hard at work on their zombie survival simulator, State of Decay and title update 5 will be bringing one of the most requested fan features: using vehicles to store inventory. After all, what good is a trunk if you can’t stuff it full of supplies?

A recent post on the Undead Labs website revealed the full details on the studio’s upcoming gameplay addition. When the update launches, every vehicle in the game will have a limited number of slots that can stocked with items to aid you in your fight against the undead.

Luckily, when players have a rucksack full of items, it will only count as a single slot. When you return to your base of operations, vehicles will automatically unload any rucksack. However, any individual item remains in the vehicle until you manually remove it.

This additional feature will give players an advantage when venturing into the lethal world on scavenging runs, but don’t expect to stock every vehicle in the world with supplies. Undead Labs’ community manager, Sanya, spoke with one of the game’s programmers who confirms that “there are a limited number of vehicles that you can maintain inventory in at a time.”

The new feature will appear in the original game, Breakdown and Lifeline for free when the title update launches in the near future. Check back soon for more details on State of Decayas Undead Labs continues to iterate on the core gameplay.