Steam Celebrates May 4th In Style With Huge Star Wars Sale



Given how important 2015 could prove to be for the brand as a whole, May the 4th is almost on the verge of becoming an official public holiday at this point. How and ever, until that day arrives, Steam is ensuring your thumbs are kept busy with the expansive Star Wars Day sale, cutting the asking price on a whole host of titles ranging from Battlefront to the niche X-Wing series.

Most eye-catching of all is the exhaustive Star Wars Collection – 2015, which bands together every SW title available on the client for $23 (normally priced at $99), though it’s understood that each game can be purchased individually, too. For a full rundown of the Star Wars games on sale under the Collection, check out the list below.

Knights of the Old Republic $9.99 (2.99)
Battlefront II $9.99 (2.99)
Republic Commando $9.99 (2.99)
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast $9.99 (2.99)
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II $5.99 (1.79)
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy $9.99 (2.99)
Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith $2.99 (.89)
Starfighter $5.99 (1.79)
The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes $19.99 (5.99)
The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition $19.99 (5.99)
Dark Forces $5.99 (1.79)
Empire at War: Gold Pack $19.99 (5.99)
The Force Unleashed II $19.99 (5.99)
Knights of the Republic II $9.99 (2.99)

Steam isn’t the only one celebrating May 4th, however, with an array of discounts also cropping up across PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and There’s come truly unmissable deals buried beneath the white noise, plus, what better way to prepare for DICE’s upcoming Star Wars Battlefront that to revisit what made the series so great in the first place?

Star Wars Battlefront has been slated for a November 17 release. Be quick, though, for these aforementioned deals will retreat to a galaxy far, far away when they’re taken offline on May 7.

Source: Steam

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