Steam Has The Entire Square Enix Library On Sale This Weekend

I really don’t know how Steam stays in business. Well, I have an idea (it has something to do with hats) but I’m always amazed at how often their able to put good games on sale. From today until the 26th, the entire Square Enix catalogue is on sale for some ridiculously low prices.

The sale is kicking off with the Hitman series with all three games going for $2.49, but you can pick up the entire catalogue for $74.99. As always with Steam sales, if you’re looking for a certain title wait until the end of the sale to see if it’s one of the daily deals. Just Cause 2 is an absolute steal for $7.49 however it’s not impossible that it’ll be lower than that between now and the 26th, and I’d be shocked if Deus Ex didn’t have a fairly sizable price drop as well.

So what are you picking up? Let us know in the comments below.

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