Steam Pulls The Stomping Land After Developers Go Months Without Updates



The Stomping Land, a Kickstarter-funded indie title that secured its investment at the beginning of June, has been pulled by Valve from their Steam client after months of inactivity from the development team.

Billed as an open-world multiplayer survival game created by SuperCrit, the game has been available as an Early Access purchase since May 30th, 2014, according to the last post on their official Kickstarter page. However, since then no word has been said about any development progress and the game has been removed from Steam as of yesterday.

Needless to say, there has been no official reason behind SuperCrit’s unofficial hiatus. With no updated posts on any of their social media accounts and a company website that consists of nothing but a blank page with a couple of dead images, it appears they have all but fallen off the face of the earth.

The only hint into any work being done on The Stomping Land came from a Steam user who posted a community message lifted directly from the game’s official forum. The message simply reads:

“Unfortunately I have nothing new to report from last week. The game is being worked on but I have nothing new to say on that. That said, I will be discontinuing these weekly posts until I do have something new to report.”

That was back in mid-July. There have also been complaints from the team that one of the developers:

“[Is] not very communicative and the Monday posts feel like I am stringing the community along. I don’t want that. You don’t want that. So I’m not going to continue doing that.”

Since then, the project has essentially been declared dead and fans have ceased to anticipate any further news. Sitting alongside such popular open-world games such as Day Z7 Days To Die and RustThe Stomping Land was intending to set itself apart by having players survive in a landscape riddled with dinosaurs, as opposed to the more traditional zombie enemies. Alas, it appears it will never see the light of day now.

Valve have yet to comment on their decision to remove The Stomping Land from Steam, but it’s hardly surprising to anyone as to why it was pulled.

Source: GameSpot