Steam Is Set To Take Over Your Phone

Valve seems unable to do wrong with their Steam service. They company just recently announced yet another interesting program which is available to its consumers. The Steam mobile app will allow users to connect with friends and use Steam Chat while they’re away from their computer. This seems to be a great way to harass your friends to leave work early in order to squeeze in some Team Fortress 2.

While all of that is fine and dandy, the ability to shop Steam on the go is the truly interesting point here. With Steam’s obsession with sales, this allows those of us who can’t be plugged in at all times to partake on the go. While this may not seem like a huge thing at first glance, my mind immediately jumped to the famous Winter Sale (I’m still working out payment plans from last year’s debacle.) With the sales changing every 24 hours, there is a sense of urgency attached. Thanks to this new app, I’ll be able to quietly check sale prices underneath the table with the rest of the Neeler clan blissfully carrying on with holiday meals and traditions none the wiser. Thank you Valve; you may have saved Christmas early this year.

The app is still in the early beta stages, so don’t be dismayed if you aren’t able to get full use quite yet. Simply downloading the program will express your interest and will let you in as the beta ramps up.

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