Steam Summer Sale Day 4: I’m A Bit Worried About My Friends…

It’s only day four, and I’m already seeing my friends trying to sell blood in order to make a few extra bucks. Not their blood, mind you. It’s actually getting a bit weird. I asked where there were getting it from and they just started mumbling something about how things have changed and broke eye contact. I think I’m going to let my dog sleep inside for a while.

As always, if the game isn’t a Daily Deal or a Flash Sale, DO NOT BUY IT. More than likely, it will go on sale for cheaper sometime before the 22nd, and all of your friends will laugh at you. Do you want your friends to laugh at you? DO YOU? I didn’t think so… Now, where were we?

Saints Row 3 – $12.49 – Saints Row 3 is sophomoric, over the top and immature. In other words, it’s amazing. Saints Row 3 is essentially the video game equivalent of shouting “Fuck Yeah!” while riding a tiger through town while holding an American Flag while smoking oversized cigars. The soundtrack is absolutely stellar, the gameplay is tight, there’s really not anything bad to say about this game, especially at this price. During the winter sale, I remarked that if the game was 25 bucks it would be a must buy. At 13, you really owe it to yourself if you’re a fan of sandbox games.

Serious Sam 3 – $9.99 – It’s not secret around the WeGotThisCovered bunker that I’ve got some serious (Ed note: I swear to God I will fire you if you keep doing this) love for the Serious Sam series, but anyone who’s ever played them should be able to tell you why. The old school shooter doesn’t have any cover system or regenerative health, hell it even has an achievement if you go through the game without sprinting or manually reloading. What Serious Sam 3 does have is an insane amount of guns and hordes of Godzilla-esque monsters waiting for you to flay. It’s stupid, it’s cheesy, it’s over the top. I think I may be in love.

Darkness II – $12.49 – The Darkness was one of my favorite games when it was released early in the console generation. With fantastic gun play, chilling atmosphere and it’s emotion roller coaster, it managed to offer a mature gaming experience without resulting on shock. The Darkness II picks up where the original left off and in some ways even manages to surpass the original. There are few games that have been able to immerse me to the point where I didn’t just want to beat the game; I actually wanted to avenge what had been done. I didn’t feel for Jacky, I was Jacky. It’s not a perfect game, but I think you can easily get 13 bucks worth of entertainment here.

Mount & Blade Collection – $8.74 – I don’t think I’ve ever been caught off guard by a series more than I have by the Mount & Blade games. When I first fired up Warband I was lost in a massive of politics, chaotic battles, and sprawling worlds. Simply stating the world is large doesn’t quite fit, I routinely missed quest deadlines simply because I couldn’t transverse the continent in time. Story wise, Mount & Blade is pretty bare bones, leaving you to create your own. This could push away some gamers since there isn’t any guideline of what you’re supposed to do, but in my opinion, the game more than makes up with it with the incredible world you become of.

The collection itself may not be the best buy though. Warband is a straight upgrade from the original, and Fire & Sword was originally a mod. Pick up Warband for $4.99 and look into the modding community to get the most from this title.

Trine 2 – $3.74 – This is the first time we’ve seen a game start as a Flash Deal and end up being a daily deal, and since it’s going for the same price that should give us a bit of insight on how the rest of the sale will be going. Trine 2 is a solid puzzle game that masquerades as an action/platformer. The three characters you’ll be tasked with getting across stages are really three different puzzle mechanics you’ll have at your disposal, with the added bonus of having a storyline built around them. The visuals are simply breathtaking, the physics feel spot on and with the addition of multiplayer it becomes an experience that has to be played to be understood. Pick this one u

Cities XL: 2012 – $9.99 – Cities XL 2012 is SimCity 4 without being SimCity 4. It’s a bit more streamlined with a few graphical improvements, but this city management game does little to reinvent the wheel. Pick up SimCity at a cheaper price and save a few bucks.

Hitman: Blood Money – $2.49 – Ever since it was announced that a new Hitman game was in the works, interest in the series has been on the rise. Your enjoyment of Hitman games will be based solely on how patient you can be in a game. You’re not meant to run and gun your way through the stage leaving a wake of corpses, you’re expected to be a professional here. Take your time, find your target, kill them, and get out. Preferably, without anyone ever knowing you were there. All of the games in the series are on sale, but Blood Money is my recommendation simply due to the fact that it’s a bit more polished, but you can’t really go wrong with any of these titles.

The Walking Dead – 14.99 – And yet another one of TellTale’s adventure game is here, and it’s another take on pop culture. These have been fairly hit and miss in the past. Back To The Future was a fine story but not that great of a game, and Jurassic Park is usually best not talked about. With The Walking Dead, they knocked it out of the park. The big mechanic in play is player choice. You’re going to be tasked with making difficult decisions, and if you make the wrong ones people will die. This adds a bit to replay value since you can always go back and see what would have happened if you made different decisions, but even more this adds weight to every single thing you do in game. If you’re a fan of either the series or adventure games, this should definitely be something you’re looking into.

Indie Bundle IV – $9.99 – This is a great bundle filled with games that flew under the radar for most people. Atom Zombie Smasher is my personal favorite from the bunch, and is also the hardest to explain. The top down strategy game tasks you with removing civilians from a zombie infested area while using military tactics to either slow down or eliminate as many of the zed as you can. It’s a novel little title that entertained me far longer than I thought it would. Sanctum has been talked about here on WeGotThisCovered ad nauseum, but the FPS tower defense game was so novel when it first came out and plays so well it deserves every bit of praise it’s received.

The major issue with this bundle is that most of these games have been featured on one of the Humble Indie Bundles in the past, so there’s a good possibility you already have most of them. If you’re missing Atom Zombie Smasher, Blocks That Matter and Sanctum, this would easily be worth it’s price. Check out some of the demos and see what rustles your jimmies.


How about the Flash Sales? Settle down there tiger, we’ve got your back. You can check out all of them right here, and we’ll be updating that post every few hours to keep you guys abreast of exactly what’s going on. Bookmark the page and check back often.