Steam Summer Sale Flash Deals – Last Updated 3:05 AM EST 7/23/12

As if the daily Steam Sale wasn’t going to keep me busy enough, Valve is complicating my life even more by adding in Flash Sales and Community’s Choice deals to this go around. Every few hours, there will be a new game taking the place of a previous one from the Flash Sale, giving us a constantly updating way to blow through our paycheck.

Here’s the way this is going to work. I respect you as a reader too much to spam a thousand posts every time a new Flash Sale comes along, so after a few shots of whiskey (and a bit of crying in the shower) I’ve come up with a more apt solution. I’m going to leave this page here and update it every few hours with every change.

I’ll make sure this is linked at the bottom of every one of our normal Sale pages, but I’d really advise you to bookmark this page and check back often. The title will have information on when I last updated, so you won’t have to waste valuable time reading things you’ve already seen. That ok with everyone? Too bad, I’m out of ideas. If you’ve got a better solution, please let us know in the comments, other than that let’s get to the good stuff.

Flash Sales

Remember, when a game is having a Flash Sale, it’s very likely that the entire series is as well.

 Skyrim – $29.79 – 1 PM EST 7/23/12 – I think you would be hard pressed to find a gamer who isn’t familiar with Skyrim right now. Arguably the biggest release from last year, Skyrim offers a vibrant world and a remarkable RPG experience. The world is massive and lets you create your own story if you’re willing to walk from the beaten path. The vanialla gameplay can be a bit weak but the modding community is absolutely fantastic and has fixed every issue I could dream of. Grab this one now.

Saints Row 3 – $12.49 – 1 PM EST 7/23/12  – Saints Row 3 sophomoric, over the top and immature. In other words, it’s amazing. Saints Row 3 is essentially the video game equivalent of shouting “Fuck Yeah!” while riding a tiger through town while holding an American Flag while smoking oversized cigars. The soundtrack is absolutely stellar, the gameplay is tight, there’s really not anything bad to say about this game, especially at this price. During the winter sale, I remarked that if the game was 25 bucks it would be a must buy. At 13, you really owe it to yourself if you’re a fan of sandbox games.

Max Payne 3– $29.99 – 1 PM EST 7/23/12 – When Chad reviewed Max Payne 3 he called it ”a must-buy for fans of well-made third-person shooters. It delivers a high-quality, visceral experience, which blends its predecessors’ popular mechanics with some quality improvements.” While I haven’t personally been able to put my hands on the title yet, I have heard nothing but good things from everyone who has. If you’re a fan of the series, this is definitely the time to buy in.

The Walking Dead – 14.99 – 1 PM EST 7/23/12 – And yet another one of TellTale’s adventure game is here, and it’s another take on pop culture. These have been fairly hit and miss in the past. Back To The Future was a fine story but not that great of a game, and Jurassic Park is usually best not talked about. With The Walking Dead, they knocked it out of the park. The big mechanic in play is player choice. You’re going to be tasked with making difficult decisions, and if you make the wrong ones people will die. This adds a bit to replay value since you can always go back and see what would have happened if you made different decisions, but even more this adds weight to every single thing you do in game. If you’re a fan of either the series or adventure games, this should definitely be something you’re looking into.


Community Choice


Fallout New Vegas – $4.99 – 11 AM EST 7/16/12 – My god, do I love Fallout: New VegasNew Vegas is precisely the game that Fallout 3 should have been in the first place, and by that I mean less attention paid to gloom and doom and a lot more dark comedy. Everything in the game is perfectly in line with Fallout lore, and the amazing attention to the minor details is astounding. I really recommend picking up some of the DLC as well, the ultimate edition is only $9.99. If you’re a fan of open world RPG’s (think Skyrim) but are looking for something with more of post-apocalyptic feel to it, this is the exact game you’ve been looking for.

That was our final update ladies and gentlemen.  Thanks so much for checking in with us every day and giving us the opportunity to help guide you through these times.  We’ll see you again in December for the Steam Winter Sale.

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