Stella Glow Launch Trailer Shows Off Chibi Witches


To celebrate the JRPG’s successful launch, Atlus has released a new trailer for Stella Glow. The footage, which can be seen above, shows off several of the playable characters in the Nintendo 3DS exclusive game. Also touched upon is the story that finds the fate of the world in the hands of four witches that must face their own personal demons in order to succeed.

The tactical role-playing title will cost $49.99 at launch, which is $10 more than most 3DS games. However, it makes up the price difference by offering players a myriad of goodies. These include a CD including the game’s soundtrack, a poster, and a PVC charm of the game’s mascot. The extra items are only available in the first run of copies, so fans will want to pick up Stella Glow soon if they want the souvenirs.

It’s only fitting for Stella Glow to receive such a nice launch edition, as it is the very last game from Japanese developer Imageepoch. The studio closed their doors earlier this year due to bankruptcy, but previously worked on other RPGs such as the Luminous Arc series and the controversial Vita game Criminal Girls. The company was founded in 2005 by Ryoei Mikage, and lasted a decade before its closure. Ultimately, the studio put out over 22 video games.

In our review of Stella Glow we found it to have “a surprisingly dark story and entertaining battle mechanics,” and praised the Nintendo 3DS exclusive:

Stella Glow doesn’t quite reach the same high points as a title like Disgaea 5, but it still manages to provide an engaging battle system. There is also a surprisingly great story that almost comes out of nowhere after starting off as generically as possible. If you’re a fan of role-playing games, or are just looking for a high quality game to play on your Nintendo 3DS, then the very last game from Imageepoch should be right up your alley.

While it’s never good to see a developer shut down, it’s certainly nice that Imageepoch went out on a high note with Stella Glow.