Strange BioWare Image Leads To Dark Implications

An image taken from BioWare’s upcoming trailer revealing the companies next big project, due to unveiled this weekend at Spike’s VGA’s, has been obtained by CVG and it points to a very sinister reveal. The image gives little away about what the game will entail but just enough to have BioWare fans on the edge of their seat for the announcement.

In amongst the rubble, the image shows a seemingly unarmed woman trying to help a child up from the ground while an assailant brings their crosshair towards them. It’s widely rumoured that the reveal on Sunday will be Mass Effect 3 and in my opinion the outfit of the woman in the screen would fit the Mass Effect universe. Also if you look closely there’s a third figure in the top left of the image which on some close Blade Runner like magnification seems to be another child or woman, wearing what looks like a silver jumpsuit, either running for their life or coming to aid the fallen child and woman. If we have learned anything over the years from old TV programmes and games is that silver jumpsuits mean the future which again would point towards a Mass Effect game or a new futuristic IP.

The source who leaked the image to CVG told them “I won’t spoil it for everyone by telling you what the game is. But it’s going to have a lot of hardcore BioWare fans jumping out of their seats.” EA has confirmed the image is from the upcoming trailer but would not comment on “rumour and speculation” on what the game would be.

As a huge fan of BioWare I personally am hoping this does turn out to be the first details of an all new Mass Effect adventure but I also would be just as happy to find out the company has a brand new game to bring to the public. It should be an exciting weekend.

Is this the first details of the new adventures of Commander Shepard or will BioWare shock the gaming world with a brand new reveal? Let us know what you think in the comments.