Street Fighter V Reveals Two More Fighters, Exclusive PS4 Beta In New Trailer


Sony’s full-court press at E3 today wouldn’t have been complete without something for fighting game fans. Unless you have a PC, PS4 was going to be the only way to play Street Fighter V, but now it’s also the only way to play the game early. A public beta will be coming July 23rd for players who pre-order the game, meaning some are barely a month away from getting to throw down Shoryukens on current-gen hardware.

As part of the announcement, a new trailer introduced a pair of fighters returning for the franchise’s fifth bout. Cammy making her way onto Street Fighter V’s roster isn’t much of a shocker, but it’s the return of original contender Birdie that makes for a nice surprise. A CPU opponent in the original Street Fighter that hasn’t been playable since Street Fighter Alpha 3, Birdie provides a chain-whipping, flame-spitting brawler to offset the nimble addition that is Cammy.

Check the trailer above to see how the combatants old and new are looking on the PS4 version of Street Fighter V.