Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Detailed

True, not a whole lot of us are a fan of when Capcom talks DLC, but at the very least we have a pretty cool fanmade trailer to ease the pain of having to sit through learning what’s coming in Street Fighter X Tekken.

On April 3, a load of alternate costumes will hit the game allowing for Street Fighter and Tekken fighters to trade their wardrobes. Costumes will cost a dollar/80 MSP a piece, or $13/1040 MSP for a whole Street Fighter or Tekken set, each. Capcom is planning on releasing free colors for the customization mode, which really isn’t as exciting as it sounds.

Later on, Capcom is planning to release a free tournament support update along with new gems, and the ability to pick gems easier through some sort of dial system on the character select screen. This’ll also come with extra gem slots for each character.

Oh, and remember those pesky on-disc DLC characters? Well you can expect those to be available to everyone at some point after the planned Vita version is released later this year. The full 12-character pack can be had for $20/1600 MSP.

But to take the sting out of knowing how much more you’ll have to drop to get a full game, a really cool fanmade video has surfaced showing off a live action fight between Jun and Vega. I’m a little angry that Vega lost, mostly because he’s my main guy, but I guess I’ll take solace in the fact I know they didn’t get Ryu’s fighting stance correct.

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