Street Fighter V Season 2 Ushers In Character Changes, New Rage Quit System And Akuma


Street Fighter V‘s second season is due to go live later today, bringing with it sweeping changes to all existing characters, as well as improvements to the beat ’em up’s rage quit system and other quality of life improvements. As you’ve likely heard already, fan favourite character Akuma (trailer above) headlines the new season of play. Sporting a brand new – lionesque – look, Ryu’s nemesis will be available to download once the servers go live for either 100,000 Fight Money or $6, with a nostalgia costume also available at additional cost.

As for the rest of the initial season 2 update. Well, it appears as if Capcom is laying the groundwork for what’s to come over the course of 2017 with today’s patch, but it’s still packed to the brim with fixes and adjustments, nonetheless. Chief among them are a rejigged rage quit system, which will now brand repeat offenders with a special icon for the world to see. Likewise, players at the other end of the spectrum will get a similar icon, promoting their status as an upstanding member of online play. Whether intentional or not, all disconnects will now be penalized with a loss of League Points.

In an effort to rein in those characters that Capcom deems to be too powerful in comparison to their peers, wide reaching changes to every single fighter have been made, all of which you can see by visiting the publisher’s blog here. The future’s certainly looking bright for Street Fighter V right now. While some features, most notably an Arcade mode, are still missing from the core experience, Capcom has managed to rectify many of the wrongs that the fighter shipped with earlier this year, making for a far more enjoyable experience.

As was the case with this year’s, season 2 will see the arrival of five brand new characters to Street Fighter V‘s roster, with a season character pass now available for $29.99 via the PlayStation Store. Check out the gallery below for the new seasonal costumes being introduced with today’s patch.