Street Fighter V Story Update Launches July 1, Balrog Gameplay Revealed


Despite originally stating that Street Fighter V‘s story mode update would be launching in the last week of June, Capcom has pushed the release date back by just a few days to July 1, so don’t be too upset, it’s still coming this week.

To get players hyped for the biggest content update coming to the beat ’em up since it launched in February, the developer has released a new video that showcases gameplay from fan-favorite character Balrog, as well as sneak peeks from other DLC characters Juri and Urien.

It was stated previously on an earlier Capcom Unity blog post that all six DLC characters (Ibuki, Guile, Alex, as well as the three mentioned above) will be playable in Street Fighter V‘s so-called Cinematic Story mode – which in itself will offer several hours of gameplay – but that those currently unreleased won’t be official members of the roster until a later date.

In addition to all of the above, you can expect new stages, costumes and a whole range of matchmaking fixes to online play to be included with Street Fighter V‘s July update when it goes live. For more details on everything headed your way in just a few days, see here.