Street Fighter V Has A Super-Slick New Trailer To Fuel The Hype


Capcom have released a slick new CG trailer for Street Fighter V to celebrate the game’s impending release in less than a week. We feel we should give you fair warning before you watch the eye-popping trailer though – it’s almost blindingly colorful.

Having been released off the back of a story announcement trailer just last week, this new snippet – other than looking gorgeous – provides some more hints as to what direction Capcom are taking the narrative of the game in the series’ fifth main iteration.

Big bad boss M. Bison seems to be up to his old tricks of ticking-off almost every human in existence, and welcomes the likes of Ken and Chun-Li to his humble home before proceeding to knock them flat on their asses. What comes next is the most interesting part, though. Street Fighter veteran – who supposedly died in earlier games at the hands of Bison – Nash emerges from a stone tomb looking a bit worse for wear and haunted by memories of his defeat.

The trailer culminates in a climactic battle between Ryu and new guy Necalli who, by the looks of it, can tap into the same evil force that consumes popular character Akuma; the Dark Hadou. The trailer also seems to hint that Ryu himself will again succumb to the allure of its power; Evil Ryu confirmed? We hope so.

Okay, now you can go ahead and get just as ridiculously excited about the game as we are. Street fighter V releases for PC and PlayStation 4 on February 16. Look out for our review next week!

Source: VideoGamer

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