Strider And Dead Space 3 Highlight July’s PlayStation Plus Offerings


Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today that PlayStation Plus owners will receive free access to titles such as Strider, Dead Space 3 and more as part of July’s Instant Game Collection update.

Unlike the previous month, both North America and Europe will receive roughly the same batch of titles in July, as the only difference between the two territories comes via the PlayStation Vita offerings.

Here’s what’s coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers next month:


TowerFall Ascension



Dead Space 3


PS Vita:

Doki-Doki Universe

Muramasa Rebirth (NA)

LEGO Batman 2 (EU)

As announced earlier this month, all Instant Game Collection titles will now be available for download starting the first Tuesday of each month, so Sony console owners will only have to wait until July 1st to get their hands on these titles.

While some may complain about the past few months offerings, I feel that Sony has consistently delivered solid titles across a variety of genres, and next month is no different. Both TowerFall and Strider received strong critical praise upon release earlier this year and Dead Space 3, despite being a slight step-down from the previous entries in the series, is no slouch either. I think the real surprise for gamers next month, though, will be Vessel, which is a title I highly enjoyed back when it hit the PS3 in March.

To our PlayStation Plus subscribers out there, I have to ask, are you interested in what Sony’s offering in July? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.