Strider Is Available Starting Today


Strider, the latest entry in the classic sidescrolling action series created by Capcom, will be available on both the PS3 and PS4 as part of today’s PlayStation Store update. Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC versions will hit some time tomorrow as well.

Developed by Double Helix, the same studio behind the recent Xbox One game Killer Instinct, this new Strider follows the titular ninja assassin with the trademark, now-glowing scarf through the landscape of Kazakh City. Strider’s great agility allows for players to pull off a multitude of stylish combat moves and traversal techniques, including numerous attacks with his sword, the Cypher.

Besides the main campaign, Strider also includes several side modes, including Beacon Run, which challenges players to hit several checkpoints and slay enemies within a specific time limit, as well as a wave-based Survival Mode.

Besides all of that, if the screenshot above and the launch trailer below are any indication, you get to ride a ghost sabre-toothed tiger, and who can deny the awesomeness of that?

Will you be picking up Strider this week? Let us know.

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