First Strike Black Ops DLC Hitting PS3 On March 3rd

Activision have finally confirmed that PS3 owners will in fact be getting the First Strike DLC map pack for Black Ops after all – ooh how nice! I thought we were just getting the in game bugs instead? PS3 owners will be able to once again hand over some cash to Activision on March the 3rd for the maps (including the new zombie map Ascension).

If I’m honest I think everyone knew it would be a month apart from the Microsoft exclusive because, well, that’s the way they’ve always done it. Whether or not the continuous taunting from Activision and Xbox will just make PS3 and PC players ditch the Call Of Duty franchise altogether, buy and Xbox, or uncontrollably eager to play the DLC – is yet to be seen.

Interestingly that exclusivity contract is set to terminate in 2012 – but then again renewing it isn’t going to be that hard I’d imagine.