Stylish Trailer For Persona 5 Offers Up First Look At Gameplay


Atlus has lifted the blood-red curtain on its upcoming JRPG sequel Persona 5, showcasing an ultra-stylish new trailer that offers up our first look at gameplay.

And though we learn a little bit more about the Japanese setting for the title not to mention some of its eclectic inhabitants, there’s still an awful lot we don’t know about the next numerical installment. Still, fans of the beloved, long-running Megami Tensei series will surely pick apart the sizzle reel in a bid to find any hint of the narrative. Plus, the soundtrack is, in keeping with franchise tradition, a delight to listen to.

From the promotional material released thus far, it’s clear that Persona 5 revolves around the themes of emancipation and enslavement in some shape or form. There’s also a peculiar black cat that appears to be a character in the story — perhaps he has a role similar to that of Teddie’s from Persona 4.

For the uninitiated, Atlus’ Persona series centers around a group of talented individuals with the power to summon forth fragments of their psyches as the titular projections to fight. Treading the fine line between our modern world and the supernatural, the series has carved out a passionate fanbase over the years that continues to grow with each passing iteration — whether it’s a fully-fledged sequel or an offbeat dance title.

Persona 5 has been confirmed for a release in North America in 2015, when the much-anticipated JRPG sequel will make its bow on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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