Sucker Punch Loading inFamous 2 With Open World Mission Builder

Looks as if Sucker Punch is getting ready to top LittleBigPlanet with an even more ambitious crack at user-created content delivery. The developer is readying a full-fledged, “built-in mission creator” for inFamous 2, as reported by MTV Multiplayer (via Destructoid). Revealed Wednesday at the 2011 Game Developers Confrence in San Francisco, Calif., the mission creator will allow players the opportunity “to reproduce mission types based on what’s available in the main story, but they won’t be constrained by the boundaries of escort tasks, fetch the item quests and the like.”

One of the given examples “offers the possibility of creating a platforming-oriented task. You’ll be able to put down UGC-specific “rings” — essentially checkpoints — to create timed races. Another example showed a score-based arcade game of sorts, in which Cole (the hero of “inFamous” and its sequel) had to knock bad guys off of floating platforms using propane tanks.”

Already being compared to similar features in ModNation Racers (in addition to LittleBigPlanet as described above), players will be able to drop whatever in-game objects are desired, and will then have an opportunity to set up “a range of filters to dictate what shows up and what doesn’t.” Once completed, the missions “will appear in the game as part of the single-player campaign, in a very cool twist.” Sounds pretty awesome to me. Will it be able to compete with LittleBigPlanet though?

What do you think?

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