Sumo Digital Producer Hints At Sonic & All-Stars Racing X Mario Kart?

sonic all-stars transformed x mario kart

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation The Big N announced that they have formed a partnership with SEGA for three upcoming Sonic games on the Wii U. Two of those titles were announced during the video (Mario & Sonic At The Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and Sonic: Lost World), however, there was no mention of what the third title would be.

While nothing is official, some recent Tweets by a Sumo Digital (the developer behind Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed) employee seem to hint that the third game could be a Sonic & All-Stars Racing X Mario Kart crossover.

As discovered by NeoGAF user “Nirolak“, Sumo Digital executive producer Steve Lycett engaged in the following Twitter conversation with a follower back on April 26th:

Lycett: “Having a beer, thinking of how we’d follow All-Stars Transformed…”

Follower: “With DLC?”

Lycett: “I’m thinking we could finally settle some arguments, Who’d really win a kart race…”

Follower: “Finally, the Pac-Man World Rally crossover I’ve been waiting for.”

Lycett: “I was thinking there are bigger rivals, but I’ll bear it in mind”

Clearly, we are entering into pure speculation country with this conversation, so take this all with a grain of salt. With that said, Lycett seems to be hinting at the idea of another Sonic & All-Stars Racing game, featuring Sonic and one of his biggest rivals, and in the history of video game mascots there is no bigger rivalry than Sonic and Mario.

Assuming this line of speculation is correct, and the third Sonic game in Nintendo and Sega’s deal does in fact turn out to be a Sonic & All-Stars Racing X Mario Kart crossover, this certainly has the potential to be huge news for both Nintendo and the Mario Kart franchise.

Nintendo currently has a new Mario Kart Wii U title lined up to reveal at E3 (or sooner). Could this game be the Sumo-developed Nintendo-published Sonic & All-Stars Racing X Mario Kart that Lycett seems to be hinting at? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.