Super Bomberman R Announced For Nintendo Switch


One of the most beloved gaming icons of the 80s and 90s will be back with a bang in March by way of a new game on Nintendo Switch. Like many of the titles announced during yesterday’s presentation, Super Bomberman R was glossed over in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it buzz reel that was over just as fast as it began. Thankfully, however, Nintendo has provided some more details for the newest entry in the strategy-based series over on its Switch website. Described as having “photo-real graphics,” Nintendo says that the aim of the game for Super Bomberman R remains the same as its always been: blowing stuff up with comically-oversized bombs.

Along with a 50-stage story mode that supports two-player co-op, a separate Battle mode for up to eight players will be included, news that will no doubt be music to many a fan’s ears who have fond memories of the original games’ addictive multiplayer. Battle mode will support both local and online connections, to boot.

Nintendo’s promising a slew of 3D stages with “dynamic environments” for the title, which is being developed by Konami after it acquired series creator Hudson Soft in 2012. Bizarrely, the list of features boasts an “enriched story with all-star voice actors” as one of Bomberman R‘s selling points, both things that have never really been attempted before. With any luck, it’ll prove to be a triumphant return to gaming for the character who has suffered a slow descent into obscurity over recent years, a reputation that was only sullied further with the awful Bomberman: Act Zero in 2006.

Super Bomberman R is slated for a March release on Nintendo Switch, so expect it to arrive as a launch title alongside the likes of Breath of the Wild, or at least shortly thereafter.

Source: Nintendo