Super Galaxy Squadron Now Available For A Good Cause


Super Galaxy Squadron

If you’ve ever set foot in an arcade, chances are you’ve played GalagaR-Type or a clone of some sort. Chances are also good that you love space shmups because of those games, because regardless of genre preferences, who doesn’t love an arcade classic? Looking to capture that nostalgic feeling, New Blood Interactive is proudly debuting Super Galaxy Squadron, an old-school title full of shoot ’em up action, on Steam.

Featuring 14 playable ships and six stages to fight through, it’s got a modicum of variety made more enjoyable by the soundtrack provided by Random Encounter, which is crafted with a love for everything retro. Super Galaxy Squadron will also feature the requisite Endless Mode and the option of gamepad support, so us console peons won’t be completely left in the dust.

Although it sounds like the replay value alone will carry Super Galaxy Squadron, it doesn’t hurt that it’s releasing for only $7.99 during launch week, making it 15% cheaper than usual. If that’s not enough to sweeten the deal, then you should know that all proceeds are going to Child’s Play, a charity that helps provides toys, video games and books (among other goodies) for hospitalized kids. The price is a bargain, and knowing all proceeds are going to a good cause make it an easy decision to pick up some nostalgia fuel for the week.

Finally, be sure to check out a trailer of the game below for a glimpse of the shmup action on display. If you’ve been hankering for a quality revisit to the space shooters of yesteryear, be sure to check out Super Galaxy Squadron this week for only $7.99 and check back here for a review of the title to come!

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