New Super Mario Bros. 2 Will Have Paid DLC

Really, Nintendo? You hold off on adding DLC to your games up until this point, and your first one is a blatant cash grab with Mario?

With regards to New Super Mario Bros. 2, Nintendo has announced that players will be able to buy additional coin rush stages sometime after the title’s initial launch. Nintendo seems to have predicted a negative response to this announcement, as they’ve gone out of their way to say that the DLC stages will be created after the game has been released, and will take user input into account.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 has already come under fire for being a cash grab release since the last Mario title for the 3DS hit shelves less than a year ago, and this news certainly isn’t going to help dispel that notion. What do you think? Is it a fantastic way to get more Mario, or will you be keeping your gold away from this one?

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