Super Mario Bros Crossover 2.0 May Be The Best Thing In The History Of Things

We all had one friend growing up who was absolutely full of crap. You know the guy, you’d be on the bus to school and he would tell you he had a code to unlock MegaMan in Super Mario, undoubtedly from his uncle who worked for Nintendo.

Well, today I’m here to tell you that your friend wasn’t some ordinary elementary school kid, he was a time traveler from the near future here to warn you of the awesomeness that is Super Maro Bros. Crossover 2.0.

Adding on to the already stellar idea of having a pixel perfect remake of Super Mario Bros with a host of other NES stars, Jay “Exploding Rabbit” Pavlina is upping the ante yet again by bringing in new characters, sprites, and music from the SNES and Game Boy games.

To put it simply, there is zero excuse to miss this free title.  You can follow up the updates and play last year’s version on the game’s page while we wait for the release.

Can it be the future now?

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Chaz Neeler

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