New Super Mario Bros. U Visualizes Co-Operative Platforming

It’s hard to believe, but Nintendo’s Wii U launch date of November 18 isn’t far off and, by extension, neither is New Super Mario Bros. U. What will most-likely be the system’s top selling stand-alone title during its launch window will drop on the very same day as the hardware required to run its high-definition platforming action.

What we have for you here is the Big N’s latest trailer for Mario’s best-looking outing so far. Focusing on co-operative play, it shows how up to four friends can work together to complete the game’s visceral stages, collect special coins and defeat bosses. Needless to say, fans of the Italian plumber and his pals will surely want to check this one out, especially if they plan to play through New Super Mario Bros. U with their real-life chums.