Super Mario Galaxy 2, Punch Out!!! & Metroid Prime Trilogy Coming To Wii U As Digital Downloads



Did you miss out on Super Mario Galaxy 2, Punch Out!!! or Metroid Prime Trilogy during the last generation of consoles? If so, you’re in luck – that is, if you own a Wii U.

During this morning’s Nintendo Direct livestream, the Big N announced its intentions to release different reproduced Wii games for download on its Wii U console. The above-mentioned trio leads the way, and it’s been confirmed that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is already available for purchase, with Punch Out!!! (January 22nd) and Metroid Prime Trilogy (January 29th) not far off. Each game will launch through the system’s menu, without the need for its Wii mode.

“Now that we can reproduce Wii disc software on Wii U, we can make these titles available to download,” Iwata said. “Some of the Wii games that were compatible with the Wii Classic Controller can be played using only the Wii U GamePad, too.”

If you plan to purchase any of the noted games for your Wii U, try to do so during their respective launch weeks, when they’ll be 50% off.

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