Super Mario Run Dated For Android


Nintendo’s mobile strategy has been fascinating to watch unfold. Last year, Pokémon Go took the world by storm, and brought out the inner Trainer in us all, as people scoured the streets in search of the latest and greatest pocket monsters. Buoyed by its landmark success, the Big N then struck a deal with Apple to unveil Super Mario Run at 2016’s iPhone 7 reveal event, an endless runner that brought the iconic plumber to mobile platforms.

Since then, Super Mario Run has been exclusive to iOS platforms – it can be enjoyed via iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices that are running iOS 8.0 or later – but we now have official word that Run will make a beeline for Android platforms on Thursday, March 23rd.

That’s according to the Big N’s Twitter feed, confirming previous rumors that the port would release sometime in March. Pre-registration is still open via Google Play, so if you’re wanting to be among the first to play Super Mario Run via Android, be sure to continue through to the official forum for further details.

To date, Super Mario Run has been downloaded more than 90 million times – three million of which actually purchased the game – and Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto later noted that the company chose to launch on iOS first because of “the stability of the iOS platform.”

So, there you have it; Super Mario Run zooms onto compatible Android devices on Thursday, March 23rd. Tell us, do you plan on dipping your toe into the Big N’s latest mobile phenomenon? Or are you more concerned with Super Mario Odyssey launching onto Nintendo Switch later this year?