Super Monday Night Combat Accidentally Released Early On Steam

Here’s a weird one for you. Super Monday Night Combat, the freemium multiplayer shooter from Uber Entertainment, has accidentally been released early on Steam. And the developers are keeping it there!

Explaining the situation on their forums, Uber Entertainment‘s Ekanaut said:

“We did a bunch of invites over the weekend and there was some wonkiness on how the messaging went out with lots of confusion which resulted in more silliness. We decided to just open it up. There will be an announcement about it on Steam soon.”

The game is a follow up to Monday Night Combat and is a free-to-play third-person shooter. Players partake in the most lethal sport of the future, battling together alongside their teammates to win fame. The first game was fun and it looks like this sequel has improved on the original format.

If you’re intrigued, Super Monday Night Combat is out now on Steam.