The Five Best Superhero Video Games In Recent Memory

Superheroes provide video game developers with some of the best characters they could ever hope for. They’re well-established, well-known and a large percentage of our hobby’s enthusiasts are well-versed when it comes to comics’ most triumphant protectors. Add in the fact that many kids grow up dreaming of being their favourite heroes, and you have the reasons why superhero video games release to such high hopes. Not to mention why it’s so disappointing when they end up being terrible, broken and/or uninspired.

With all of the above being said, it’s important to point something out, and that is the fact that not all superhero video games are of low quality. In fact, there have been quite a few standouts over the years, and this console generation has received more than its fair share of comic book inspired triumphs.

Stick with us as we count down the five best superhero video games in recent memory.

Honorable MentionCaptain America: Super Soldier

With brute strength comes the potential for a fun video game, and that’s what Captain America: Super Soldier is. Mixing a punishing and cinematic combat system with a unique open world design, it gives fans of the enhanced, tight-wearing soldier a way to take out frustration as the man himself. The chance to introduce the hero’s metallic shield into hard-hitting melee combos made for a nice added touch, and became useful whenever baddies needed to be dispatched from afar.

When Captain America: Super Soldier was released, it didn’t receive the recognition it deserved. So, if you’ve yet to take the plunge with SEGA‘s red, white and blue superhero tie-in, then you might want to do so.