Superhot Will Shoot Up The Xbox One In Early May

Superhot Screenshot 1

Fans of the first-person shooter genre, and those who love creative games, will be happy to know that Superhot is on its way to Microsoft’s Xbox One. It’s not far off, either, as it carries a confirmed release date of May 3rd.

A minimalistic game that mixes things up by limiting players’ ammunition, bending time around their actions and forcing them to avoid getting shot even once in a level, Superhot released on Steam to critical acclaim. Now, after just two months it’s coming to consoles, which is sure to make a lot people happy. Personally, I can’t wait to try my hand at it, as reviews were glowing and my computer just isn’t up to snuff.

Look for our review of the Xbox One version of Superhot around the time of release. For now, though, take a moment to check out our incredibly positive review of its PC debut.