New Supremacy MMA Trailer Brings The Pain

505 Games has recently released a new trailer for its upcoming MMA title from Kung Fu Factory, Supremacy MMA. The brief preview shows off some of the brutal fighting that gamers will experience when the game releases this Fall.

Supremacy MMA isn’t like the UFC Undisputed franchise. Instead of showing the real side of the ever growing sport, this title focuses on the hardcore pit fighting action that resembles something you would see in a movie. Players control a variety of real fighters, including women, as they battle it out in bars and other arenas. The end goal is to make their way to the top of the underground fighting world.

Supremacy MMA is due out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on Sept 20th.

We had the opportunity to try out the game during E3 and we can say for sure that it doesn’t play like the other MMA titles; it actually resembles an arcade fighting game instead. It is a lot simpler to control and really doesn’t take itself seriously as a sports title, especially not with the level of destruction players can dish out on one another.

That being said, the new trailer isn’t for those who couldn’t sit through Mortal Kombat footage. Even though Supremacy MMA isn’t that grotesque, it definitely gets violent. Fair warning.

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