Surgeon Simulator ER Now Available On PlayStation VR


While there have been plenty of big announcements at this year’s PlayStation Experience convention, Sony hasn’t forgotten about some of the smaller titles on the always-expanding PlayStation ecosystem. Towards the end of their conference, the company revealed a handful of games and experiences that were immediately available to download.

One of those new titles is Surgeon Simulator ERthe newest effort from developer Bossa Studios, who have previously worked on games like I Am Bread. A sort of follow-up or spiritual successor of sorts, Surgeon Simulator ER tasks you with performing complex surgeries with only a handful of tools at your disposal. With an emphasis on unwieldy and hard-to-master controls, the original won over gamers with its emphasis on humor, as opposed to its focus on medical procedures.

This newest iteration builds on the foundation that Bossa Studios has laid out, but has instead been built from the ground up with VR in mind. Using a PSVR headset and PlayStation move controllers, players are tasked with completing all new surgeries, with new surgeries and mechanics, including performing an operation in the dark.

Surgeon Simulator ER is available for download now on the PlayStation Network. The game will also see a release on the HTC Vive on December 5th, with a version for the Oculus Touch releasing on December 6th.