Surprise! Epic Mickey 2 Is Hitting PC And Mac Too

Things certainly are changing for Epic Mickey 2. The inclusion of voice overs, a supposedly revamped camera and even musical segments? It’s enough for an old Disney lover like me to cry pure nostalgia. Luckily, something else changing is the amount of consoles the game is coming to.

The first game was only available on the Wii. The second, coming out later this year, will be made available for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, a blast-from-the-past 3DS version, and confirmed by gaming industry legend Warren Spector himself at Comic Con this week, a version will also be heading to PC and Mac day and date as the other platforms.

Which means you literally have no excuse to not pick up a sequel to one of 2010’s greatest games. Unless of course you only own a Vita. Then you’re outta luck. Sorry.