Surprise! Galak-Z Will Let Players Engage In Mech Combat


It’s not often that a game – be it indie or triple-A – can conceal a secret for close to two years in the industry, but that’s exactly what 17-Bit achieved with Galak-Z, after the studio threw up a curveball earlier today by revealing that players will be able to pilot a mech when it debuts on PlayStation 4 on August 4.

Incorporating some platforming elements with space flight, Galak-Z‘s new feature is comparable to FuturLab’s Velocity series in that players will be able to engage in two very different forms of combat throughout the course of the game. Taking to PlayStation Blog to unveil the surprising mode, Senior Producer Raj Joshi touched upon the nature of the distinct playstyles.

“Rather than fighting from afar whilst dodging like a pro, the Mech is all about turning the tables and pressuring the bad guys instead. One on one, especially versus smaller zippy enemies, the Mech is vicious. It can grab an enemy even from a distance, pull them close and beat them to death without resistance or mercy.”

Unlike the Velocity games, though, players will be able to transform into a mech at the touch of a button, opening up a more aggressive approach that will allow budding pilots to take the fight to the enemy, as opposed to dipping and dodging out of sight as the much more vulnerable space craft.

Galak-Z: The Dimensionawill debut on Sony’s current-gen console on August 4, before 17-Bit’s shooter is ported over to PC in the months after launch. Tell us, are you intrigued by the shooter’s new-fangled mech mode? Let us know in the comments.

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