Surprise, The Next Game From DICE Will Be A New Battlefield Title


Now that Star Wars: Battlefront has shipped and taken a boatload of gamers to a galaxy far, far away, DICE has begun work on its next game. And, as development director Dan Vaderlind has confirmed, said project is another Battlefield game.

Colour us surprised.

Of course, being that development has seemingly just begun, details are not available and all that we can do is speculate about the setting, subtitle and content that this new Battlefield game will carry. It’s likely that we’ll learn something about it at E3, though, and I wouldn’t expect EA to spill its beans before June’s extravaganza begins.


If you’re worried about Star Wars: Battlefront not being attended to, fear not. In the very same tweet where he confirmed having begun work on this new Battlefield project, Mr. Vaderlind also noted that many of his colleagues have continued to work on the studio’s galactic battleground.

Tell us: What would your ideal Battlefield game entail? Would it be set in the past like 1942 and 1943, take place in the present, or go back to the future like 2142 did?