Surprise! Grand Theft Auto V Had Another Strong Debut, This Time In Japan

Grand Theft Auto V

Is it any surprise that Grand Theft Auto V had yet another successful launch day and week? Though still not quite spreading like wildfire compared to games originating from within the region (Pokémon currently reigns supreme, as usual), GTA V‘s Japanese debut managed to rack up some impressive numbers, and also broke records for Western game releases in Japan in the process.

According to the latest Media Create sales numbers, the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto V managed to move 360,115 units over the course of week one. Though this may sound paltry compared to US sales, keep in mind that Japan is both far smaller, and far less in love with GTA-type games to begin with. These are the highest week one sales of any Western game in Japan to date, so that itself pretty much explains the situation.

Beyond the record-setting, Grand Theft Auto V, in one week’s time, has surpassed the lifetime Japanese sales of GTA IV. I’m sure Rockstar would love to keep that rate of improvement going, and GTA V‘s success is likely due in no small part to the 40/40 rating that Famitsu graced it with in its most recent issue. Only one other Western game has been adorned with Famitsu perfection before (it was Skyrim), so getting the OK from Enterbrain’s magazine juggernaut is practically like having a “BUY ME NOW” sticker taped to your back.

As noted, Pokémon remained the champ, with the X and Y versions combining for a total of 1,866,570 units sold. So, you know, only five times as many as the biggest entertainment launch in history.

Japan sure is an interesting place.