Surprise Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Update Adds New Game Plus And More


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order players who have long since seen hero Cal Kestis’ journey through to its end now have renewed reason for a return visit.

Released just in time for yesterday’s May the 4th celebrations, a surprise free update for the hit single-player adventure introduces several new gameplay additions and options for would-be Jedi to hone their skills with a Lightsaber. The first of these, as already mentioned, is the implementation of a New Game Plus (or New Journey+, as Respawn calls it) mode. Here, you’ll be able to replay the entire campaign and unlock a bunch of exclusive items, including an Inquisitor uniform for Cal as well as a suitably-colored red Lightsaber to match.

All collectables, chests and cosmetic unlock will carry over to New Journey+, though unlike similar modes in other games, you won’t retain any abilities earned along the way. That means you’ll need to once more earn the right to use various Force powers and weapon skills.

Rounding out the add-on is Meditation Training and Combat Challenges. The first of these can be accessed by resting at any Meditation point (read: respawn checkpoints) and whisks Cal away into a spiritual training arena with various objectives to complete. 12 challenges are available in total and have three ratings depending on player performance. The prerequisites for each rank are as follows:

  • Star 1: Complete the challenge
  • Star 2: Complete the challenge without healing
  • Star 3: Complete the challenge without taking damage

As a neat little extension of Meditation Training, Battle Grid allows players to completely customize battles by choosing which enemy combinations to fight against. Want to take on multiple AT-STs at the same time? Go nuts.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order‘s free content update is available now for all platforms.