Survival Horror Title Outlast Creeps Onto Xbox One Today


Red Barrel Games has confirmed that its tense and atmospheric horror title, Outlast, is now available on Xbox One.

In the game, players gingerly step into the shoes of one Miles Upshur, an investigative reporter who ventures into the creepy Mount Massive Asylum off the back of an anonymous tip (journalists, eh?). With no guns or weapons to speak of, the studio achieves a palpable sense of vulnerability as you uncover the mysteries lurking deep within the building.

Previously, the first-person scarefest was limited to PC and PlayStation 4, launching in September 2013 and February of this year, respectively. First spotted by NeoGaf user Lifelower, the release hints that Microsoft could be reconsidering the finer details of its controversial [email protected] programme, which states that, in order for an independent game to see the light of day, it must release day and date with other platforms.

That said, it’s understood that Microsoft plans to work on a case-by-case basis with each title; plus, it’s easy to see why bringing Outlast to Xbox One was a no brainer, given its remarkable success.

In fact, this success spurred the release of additional content in the months after release. Entitled Whistleblower, the DLC is essentially a prequel that serves to add context to the horrific events within the main campaign.

For more on Outlast and its foreboding DLC, Whistleblower, you can check out our reviews (if you dare).

Source: NeoGaf