How To Survive Heatwave DLC Is Out Now, Time To Incinerate Zombies

How to Survive Abby Heatwave DLC

Have you been playing EKO Software’s zombie action RPG How To Survive, but wishing you could both burn and shoot zombies at the same time? I mean sure, there’s nothing like a classic headshot, or just lighting a torch underneath one of those undead bastards when their back is turned, but let’s be honest – when a massive swarm is closing in, you need your zombie massacre skills to be operating at maximum efficiency. At the very least, that might be a good way to justify a purchase of the game’s new Heatwave DLC, which is available at this very moment.

The new DLC offers two buying options, and your access to the content varies a bit depending how much cash you’re willing to put down. For $.99, you’ll be able to get a new fireproof suit in-game, and gain the ability to craft incendiary ammo for one of the game’s characters – either Abby, Kenji, or Jack. All three look pretty rad firing this stuff off, so it will really come down to which character is your personal favorite, or needs it the most. If you can’t decide, ponying up the full $1.99 will grant access for all three characters. Given the pricing options of cheap and cheaper, I can’t really imagine going for the $.99 option, but I’m sure some folks will prefer it.

Just imagining the possibilities of having both flammable ammo and a non-flammable character (via the fireproof suit) has me reeling with excitement for the game’s November 5th release on PSN. I mean, imagine trapping all those helpless suckers in a small building or enclosure of some kind, shooting it up until it’s engulfed in flames, then barging in and clubbing them for good measure, the flames lapping at my torso helplessly and wondering why I’m invincible. I am so much smarter than fire. And zombies.

How to Survive is already available now on XBLA, so if you can’t wait for the November 5th PSN date then you can definitely have at it right away. Wii U owners will also get the game eventually, and be treated to an enhanced story – though they’ll have to sacrifice online multiplayer in the process. Priorities of the user base, I suppose.