How To Survive Looks Like A Zombie-Crippling Good Time In This New Trailer

The zombie apocalypse is hardly a fresh premise in videogames, so when a new title shows up on scene claiming to offer compelling zombie-related gameplay, skepticism is definitely understandable. One the best ways that I’m aware of to buck and avoid genre tropes and cliches is to sidestep them entirely with humor – and it seems like that’s exactly what is going on with How to Survive.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, How to Survive is an arcade-action survival game from EKO Software that hinges on the player’s ability to fulfill humanity’s basic survival needs – food, water, and shelter. Of course, the reason this won’t be easy is twofold, and being simultaneously trapped on a desert island and hunted by the progeny of a devastating zombie outbreak looks to be equal parts terrifying and hilariously entertaining, if the above trailer is any indication. I’ve always wondered what would happen if you mixed Hatchet with zombies, and now I can finally find out. Gary Paulson would be so proud.

The Hatchet comparison isn’t completely unfounded, either – according to publisher 505 Games, survival and self defense will hinge mainly on the player’s ability to craft weapons and tools from the environment, and the results of those efforts will range from handmade shotguns, to fishing rods, and even “Molotov cocktails.” Sounds cool and all, but if it were real life I’d definitely just make a bottle rocket. Wouldn’t want to burn down the whole island or nuthin’.

How to Survive is slated for release later this month on PSN, XBLA, and Steam, so if tongue-in-cheek, witty survival sounds like your thing, be sure to put some kind of vague marking on your calendar as a reminder to keep your eyes open. There’s a Wii U version coming too, so… that is also a piece of information.