Kurt Sutter Says Sons Of Anarchy Game Has No Traction

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter announced last May that he had canceled plans for a SOA browser game (which he described as “slapcrap”) in favor of developing a “real” console game based on the popular FX series. Unfortunately for gamers who were looking forward to virtually riding alongside their favorite SAMCO members, Sutter revealed yesterday that the game will likely never be made.

He broke the news to fans on his Twitter account, saying, “getting NO TRACTION on the SOA game. looks like our big publisher blew us off. not a priority at FX. i doubt it will happen.”

Exactly why the publisher’s interest in the Sons of Anarchy game died were not directly stated. However, Sutter later indicated that the “HUGE upfront cost” involved in developing a “great” game make it a very risky proposition at a time when “games are in decline”.

We will keep an eye out for any additional news about the future of the Sons of Anarchy game, but for now it sounds like the project is officially dead.

Disappointing news to be sure, but you can always take some comfort in the fact that the start of SOA’s fifth season is just around the corner. If that isn’t enough to ease the pain, you can also enter our contest to win the upcoming fourth season of Sons of Anarchy on Blu-Ray.

Nothing polishes a silver lining better than winning free stuff!

Source: Joystiq