Swery’s Latest Mystery D4 Will Launch Tomorrow On Xbox One


There hasn’t been much news lately on D4, but at this year’s Tokyo Game Show it appears we are getting the best possible news one could receive; the game is launching far sooner than expected. How soon? Try tomorrow. Keep in mind that this isn’t the whole game, but rather the prologue and the first two episodes. After a huge drought of news on the project though, I don’t see reason to complain.

Furthermore, if there was one upcoming title on either next generation console that I implore you give a chance, it is without a doubt D4. The game is another trippy and idiosyncratic take on murder mysteries, and will seemingly be just as bizarre as Swery’s previous work, Deadly Premonition. There really are no words that can describe just how strange the mind of Swery is, but there is genius within his madness. Deadly Premonition actually featured a segment where you literally went fishing for clues, and his latest release will undoubtedly embrace this same zaniness that made Deadly Premonition the most polarizing game of all time.

For D4, Players will assume the role of Detective David Young, a man who can revisit the past in exchange for his case of amnesia. His goal is to find out who murdered a loved one and put a stop to the possibility of her death ever becoming a reality again. This will be a heavily narrative driven game, so expect a lot of QTEs, dialogue choices, and investigative gameplay.

D4 will be available on the Xbox One Marketplace tomorrow for $15. You can watch the launch trailer above to get a glimpse of the madness that awaits you.