Sword Coast Legends Will Make The Jump To Xbox One And PlayStation 4 This Spring

sword coast legends ps4

Independent developers n-Space and Digital Extremes announced today that they will be bringing Sword Coast Legends to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this spring. The Dungeons & Dragons-based RPG was previously released for Windows PC late last year, and currently holds a 61 rating on Metacritic.

Set within the Forgotten Realms D&D campaign, Sword Coast Legends differentiates itself from similar titles with its unique Dungeon Master mode. Becoming a Dungeon Master, or DM, is a well-known position of power in the table-top board game, and the title looks to give gamers that same experience. The DM is used to guide players through customized adventures, and despite the potential for chaos, the game prefers it if the DM works together with their fellow party members.

Besides the unique Dungeon Master mode, the RPG also features a full single-player campaign. As mentioned before, the story takes place during the popular Forgotten Realms campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. The races and classes featured in the campaign will be open for players to use as they explore the continent of Faerûn during their epic adventure.

While still without a release date, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Sword Coast Legends will carry a cost of $19.99. All of the content that was added to the PC release following its original release, will also be packed-in with this new release. Besides all of that old content, though, several new features will be introduced with the title when it comes to consoles. These new features include a new playable sub-race (The Drow), updated visual effects, new areas, hardcore difficulty options and more.

For those that may have missed the PC release last year, are you interested in checking out Sword Coast Legends when it comes to consoles later this year? Let us know what you think of the RPG in the comments section below.